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Monday, December 13, 2004

Spead the Good News 

Russell Brown, who as Bennyasena points out below has remarkably similar views to us on the issue of farting, linked to this article on "the good news from Iraq" ... or rather, the fact that those insisting on the existence of "good news" do so from the comfort of their armchairs, and not the discomfort of the sand, or a bombed house with no running water. Nice one, dumbasses.

In other news, there are still oil tankers breaking apart in Alaska.

This article illustrates most dramatically one of the possible consequences of standing for office in Ukraine.

And some poor guy was killed in a road rage incident on Glebe Point Road in Sydney, just a few hundred metres from where we were staying, and eating out most evenings. It has the feel of a dangerous city, what with all those bars on windows everywhere. Must say lying on Manly Beach beats working in Dunedin any day though.


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