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Monday, October 18, 2004

Ripped Off in NZ IV (An international comparison) 

Well, a couple of months in Dunedin, followed by 10 days in Vancouver, and then an immediate return to Dunedin, naturally invites a few comparisons between the two.

Vancouver positives: homes are heated; homes are well-constructed; one can buy a new home complete with central heating and double-glazing for around $200k in the outer suburbs; a pack of 20 razor blades for $35 ($40NZ); $200 for a 20-inch flatscreen TV; a million and one retailing opportunities.

Vancouver negatives: noise; propensity for cutting down trees.

Dunedin negatives: "afternoon sun" (typically through a 1m x 1m draughty window) is no substitute for installing some fucking heating; one can buy a 20-year old cold shack for $200k in inner suburbs; ludircrous grocery prices; no good fruit & vege shops; bad fish n chips.

Dunedin positives: lots of trees; saw a sealion at the beach; no traffic.

-- If someone can explain to me why renting in Dunedin (hardly a bustling metropolis on the world stage) costs considerably more than renting in Vancouver, I'd be much obliged. e.g., $1000/month will get you a fancy house or desirable apartment in a central Vancouver neighbourhood, probably close to a beach, with a retail value of over $500k. Here $1000/month gets you something worth $100k, and for good reason. Like they said on Scarfies, "it's a shit hole".


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