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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

New Zealand Football Championship 

That's the name of the New Zealand domestic soccer championship which i mentioned briefly in my last post. Not to be confused with the other games which are commonly referred to as "football" in New Zealand but don't actually involve the foot quite so much.

It's three weeks underway and here's the points table with links to each teams website:
For, Against, Points
Waitakere Utd 9 1 9
Auckland City 8 2 7
Canterbury Utd 5 2 5
Waikato FC 4 3 4
Otago United 5 6 4
Napier City 4 9 1
Manawatu 1 6 1
Wellington 4 11 1

It's going to run for three more rounds and you can check out all the details at their rather attractive and easy to navigate site here...

New Zealand Community Trust Football Championship

I'm not sure exactly how popular the competition is going to prove to be but I seee crowd figures have been listed for some games and these would be them; 600, 2000, 1500 and 1500. I'm always suspicious of crowds which are nice big round numbers like that. Especially since I live in Korea and a listed crowd of 15,498 in the national comp in Korea typically means 6,981 people were there.

Anyways, I don't know if I'll be following the competition that closely but I'll try and give it a mention now and then. Hopefully Waitakere United can continue to do well as they play not far from where I'll be living next year.

The Breakers aren't looking too good at the moment though. Three losses from their opening four games. Hopefully they don't turn into the Warriors or even worse the Kingz!!!! and turn in a few years of mediocre to poor performances before they get better.

Thats not good enough from a country that plays basketball to a pretty decent standard.

Maybe they could look out the window at what Waitakere United are up to as they are playing at the same venue.


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