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Saturday, June 05, 2004

Good Timing..... 

I guess you could say it's petty of me to laugh at what is just an unfortunate coincidence, especially seeing as the article in question contains a lot of truth. This morning, The Sydney Morning Herald had a story trumpeting how the Roosters' defence is the cornerstone of their consistency in the NRL. Quotes:

Approaching the halfway round of the 2004 competition this weekend, the back-to-back grand finalists are on track to finish with the best defensive record of the post-Super League era.

"The game's changed over the years but it doesn't really matter - if you haven't got good defence, you're going nowhere fast. There's no point scoring 30 points if you let 40 in."

"The most satisfying thing with the Roosters is that you know they're going to compete for the 80 minutes so they're never going to lose by much," Gillespie said. "If they lose a game, they're only going to go down by five or 10 points and they're going to be in the contest until full-time.

Pretty much a Roosters lovefest that conveniently ignores the fact that the Panthers triumphed last year (and are continuing in the same vein this year) based on a relatively flimsy defensive line and a potent attack. So it brought a smile to my face to log in tonight and catch the score of the Friday night game in Aussie:

Bulldogs 40 - Roosters 12

Yes, the Roosters had a man sent off...........but it doesn't diminsh my amusement one bit. Did I mention I don't like the Roosters much?

This would have been so much better if the Panthers hadn't managed to trip themselves up again. *sigh*

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