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Monday, November 23, 2009

TRY harder 

A statistical analysis of why rugby is fucked to watch.

So far in the NH tour (excluding the horrible Beldisloe test in Tokyo so I can keep it comparable to AB v NH opposition from previous tours) there have been a whopping 3 tries in total from either team in 240 minutes of rugby.

Now I posted here a while back about how awful rugby has been to watch this year since they ditched the by and large decent ELVs and went back to the tried and failed of the past so I won't bother to get into that again but rather serve up a few stats to highlight how awful this shit is to watch (probably why fuck all are bothering to tune in or ever talk about it at work, school or even sports forums where test matches are often passing by with next to no notice).

So here goes
1998 - 4 matches
24 TRIES (6 ave per match)

2000 - 3 matches
20 TRIES (6.7)

2001 - 3 matches
16 TRIES (5.3)

2002 - 3 matches
17 TRIES (5.7)

2004 - 4 matches
30 TRIES (7.5)

2005 - 4 matches
19 TRIES (4.8)

2006 - 4 matches
23 TRIES (5.8)

2008 - 4 matches
12 TRIES (3)

2009 - 3 matches (so far)
3 TRIES (1)

And in the past 7 AB tests in NH tour matches they have not had their tryline crossed. Thats 560 minutes of rugby.


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