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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Peter Dunne is a prick, part II 

Via Frogblog, via Hard News, the powerpoint presentation everyone's been talking about.

And hey, Helen Clark *has* been married to the same person for decades. Pete the Moral Crusader can't even get that right.

I'm fucking livid about this, and I'd be more so if I was married to an Asian

Are Dunne and his fellow bigots implying Asians are substandard humans?

Or that being married to an Asian makes you unfit to govern New Zealand?

How did they get 6.69% in 2002? Roll on September.
I guess I have Dunne to thank for giving me the will to blog again. I guess we can add stupid racist remarks to the long list of reasons not to vote for the utter wankers at UF. I couldn't give a flying fuck who (if anyone) Don Brash or any other leader is married to - man, woman or martian. By their policies they shall be judged.
It seems to me that you are missing the point, you do give a shit about this pointless piece of crap and you do give a shit about who they are married to otherwise you would not have posted your comments. And by saying UF will be judged by their policies that is how they got 6.69%, think about it.
nzer should apply for some sort of public relations role with UF, what with the tortured sentences and complete lack of logic.

If being married to an Asian is now an acceptable attack point in politics in NZ, we are fucking doomed.
I do give a shit when politicians engage in foolish racist banter ... I don't give a shit who any particular politician is married to. Spot the difference?

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