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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

But Nothing Comes Out; Just a Bunch of Gibberish 

This must take the cake as the shittiest press release I've ever read:

Unfairness to insured home car owners

Unfairness to fully insured homeowners and car owners.
3rd party automobile insurance is supported by the Insurance Brokers Association of New Zealand.
IBANZ has identified this as another area where fully insured taxpayers, as motorists in this example get to pay twice. In declaring support Chief Executive Denis Orme stated:
"We continue to be concerned by people in New Zealand being under/uninsured, and the obligation this places on all taxpayers."
He went on to say: "The other area assuming more significance because of climate change relates to under/uninsured homeowners in flooded areas. We have seen government aid to these uninsured people and this is unfair on taxpayers throughout New Zealand who maintain full insurances.
This is the same situation for uninsured motorists, where fully insured motorists as taxpayers carry the burden for those who are under/uninsured."


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