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Saturday, September 01, 2012

NZ v India 2nd test 

Javed Miandad was fucking useless (I did that to get Indian google search results led here)

ummm, tentatively... did we actually win the day???
0 McCullum - got the cliched 'good ball' that openers 'often get'.

17 Williamson - same old...
53 Guptill - I'm at the point where I'll take a '50 where he didn't convert' over a 0 or 17. Because 6 x 53 = 318/6, whereas 0 + 17 x 3 = 51/6 (slight difference).

113 Taylor - cometh the slogger, cometh the hour. While he did throw caution to the wind it wasn't ridiculously. There was an element of composure in amongst it. Perhaps he has to decide between either trying to become a traditional test batsman over the remainder of his career or batting like Virender Sehwag.

33 Flynn - fuck it, that'll do.

8 Franklin - same old same old. Looks solidly stiff.

63* Van Wyk - Likes the quicks, not sure about the spinners, but has stck around and put the ball away nicely. You can't argue anytime your keeper gets a half century, especially when it's not a great batting pitch and your team is shit house.

30* Bracwell - I'll take it!!!!!!

to come... Patel, Southee, Boult.
Worst case scenario we get 340 with a quick wicket and then skittled. Best case scenario (with 2 sloggers - Bracewell and Southee) we get 450. I'd say 380 is a par score from here.


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