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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Common theme? 

Does anyone else detect a common theme emerging from the politics headlines regarding Labour and National's fortunes on Stuff today?

Politics Headlines
National Party could govern alone
No Labour deal with Greens to oust Dunne, says Goff
Labour attacks Telecom UFB win
Voters seem to have taken vow with Key
Goff steering Labour to knacker's yard
Voters undeterred by PM's stumbles
National supporters stay loyal to Key-fronted party

They should stop worrying about selling assets and focus on some of the positive work New Zealanders are doing. For example, Ray Avery and Medicine Mondiale are doing amazing things for healthcare in the third world. I watched a segment about it on 20/20. Other than Ray Avery, another one who springs to mind is the student volunteer army. I can't remember the name of the guy who runs it but that was very inspirational. There's a book that just came out called The Power of Us, about New Zealanders who achieve great things, and all the proceeds from that are actually going to Medicine Mondiale. These people are much more exciting and inspirational than anything going on in parliament right now.
I agree with Sam. There are many examples of kiwis doing great things here and abroad which should get more press and media coverage than they do. He's right, Sir Ray Avery and his Medicine Mondiale organisation are very good and embody the unique kiwi way of thinking, even if Ray Avery is originally british. Even at grass roots though there are many volunteers out there doing great things, such as the Maori Wardens in Auckland City, and I wish organisations such as these and Medicine Mondiale would receive a bit more press than they do.
Medicine Mondiale FTW! I saw Ray Avery's TEDx talk in Auckland and it really opened my eyes as to what can be achieved with a bit of kiwi ingenuity and hard work.
Thanks for all the supportive comments if you'd like to learn more about Ray Avery and Medicine Mondiale you can go to their website thanks!

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