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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

NRL Season in Review Part 1 

This is the part where I look at all the duds.  In other words the teams that celebrate Mad Monday on the same day but really they don't deserve to celebrate much because they've given their fans nothing to celebrate.

In order to do this I'm going to compare their finishing position last year with this year (which is an obvious thing to do) and then have a look at any extenuating factors (excuses, excuses).

After wee one of the playoffs I will look at the two teams eleminated and so on.

Finishing spots from 2011 in brackets

16. Parramatta (14)
They've been the most streaky team in the competition for the past 3 or so seasons though this year it's been more of the type of streak that you find in your undies after too much physical exertion.  They weren't expected to set the world on fire but with the signing of Chris Sandow who was dynamite in the backend of last year for the Rabbitohs they had the potential to be darkhorses if Hayne could stay fit.  Sadly for the Eels Sandow never really hit his straps, and was even dumped to reserve grade at one point, while Hayne missed a lot of football through injury.  And then there was Kearney.  Now while there was simply no doubt that he had to be fired because his winning record was truly dire (the sort you'd get with the very worst teams pre-salary cap), you have to feel a bit sorry for him because this is a very mediocre side, and without their two sparks playing well, or at all they were never going to be able to win many football games.

They finished about where you'd expect them too to be honest.

more to come...


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