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Saturday, March 12, 2011

ACT releases new energy policy 

Nuclear power features prominently in the energy policy released by ACT deputy leader John Boscowan today.

"If the current increases in oil prices, escalating electricity bills and the economic costs of the earthquake have taught us anything, it's that New Zealand urgently needs nuclear power," he told a small audience in Rakaia.

"The opening up of valuable land within the Christchurch urban limits presents unheralded opportunities to site one or more new stations."

New Zealanders would have to "get past" their unscientific fears of this technology, and the unfamiliar sight of massive concrete cooling towers, Mr Boscowan continued.

"A serious uranium mining initiative in our National Parks system, combined with a network of nuclear power stations, will give New Zealand the chance to become energy self-sufficient."

He was also critical of Prime Minister John Key, saying National had failed to reduce "RMA red tape" in order to let contractors "get on with the job of building reactors as quickly and cheaply as possible."

When asked by a member of the audience whether anything could possibly go wrong, Mr Boscowan answered with a resounding "no", before denouncing the questioner as a "lilly-livered, Green party voting, global warming alarmist with an anti-growth mentality and a fundamental lack of trust in New Zealand's number 8 wire, she'll be right philosophy."

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