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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Finally, a resolution 

DC Red threw me a bone this morning.

I was wondering whether it was a bad thing that I hadn't bothered with the normal (isn't it?) start-of-year navel gaze and framed any resulting decisions or revisions as 'New Year's Resolutions'. (New Year's Resolutions are so last year.)

DC Red challenged me to take a punt on Aussies to win Ashes 5. But my TAB account swallowed $500 last year and I had to put it aside, and I don't think I should go there again. But perhaps... yes; if I were to frame it as a resolution. If I were to resolve to win back last years losses, then my weakness for gambling would be... something I was working on (a la NY resolutions)... whilst gambling! Brilliant!

So, I've dropped $70 into my TAB account. I aim to take the balance from $70.10 to $600 without topping it up, this year. I figure $600 is a the return of principal plus a bit of interest.

I figure it'll be hard, but I have a strategy. I'll let you know how I go.

I don't do NY's resolutions but I am in the middle of an ambitious 10kg weight loss effort. Stalled out at 86/87 kgs area but hell, where do you draw the line between eating food you like and the right amount of exercise? I could drop 5 more but I'd probably become clinically depressed.
Update please!!!
Oh, sorry.
I cheated. It was a new year's reso after all!
I topped up, bigtime, and went for gold on the cricket world cup minnows versus majors matches. Had a sixth sense about England's whuppin by Ireland so avoided catastrophe there, plain sailing for the most part since.

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