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Saturday, December 04, 2010

BENEFIT FRAUD!#@% ... (of 0.000064%) 

Fraudsters rob pensions of the dead screams the Herald's lead this morning.

It's those feckless benefit abusers taking another suckle on the public teat ... this time dishonouring the dead in so doing! You can almost picture the spittle frothing at the mouth of the aggrieved taxpaying hordes.

Mid-way through the story, we learn just why this gross abuse of the public purse merits headline news:
Investigators "data-mined" 250,000 beneficiary deaths and decided 33 needed further investigation.

Criminal charges were eventually laid against 16 people. [...]

All but one of the 16 people charged have since pleaded guilty, and eight have been sentenced.

Right, so 33/250,000 potential cases that were 'suspicious', and 16/250,000 that were 'prosecuted'.

If the 16th is found guilty, that's 0.000064% of potential cases that resulted in fraud (not bad for a worst case scenario).

If the total of guilty parties remains at 15, it's 0.0006%.

Alternate headline: Kiwis remarkably honest people; benefit fraud remains almost non-existent

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