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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Free Porn 

Since Shane Jones paid for these porno's on our dime I fail to see why we can't all watch them since we paid for them.

nrl tips 

NRL will basically disappear from my TV screen in the next few weeks with rugby tests and football WC on.

Titans v Sea Eagles
Titans by 6
The Titans have been absolute bollocks lately which is exactly what I thought would happen to them but they held it off a while. They have a decent team though and need to bounce back. So start bouncing boys.

Cowboys v Raiders
Cowboys by 6
The Cowboys have a decent team on paper but are having a shithouse season. The Raiders have been winning on the road and struggling a bit at home so god knows what'll happen here. Cowboys in a desperate pick.

Knights v Warriors
Knights by 4
I think the Warriors might sneak this but if I tip them they'll fuck up so I'm doing this for you guys!! PS. lose this match and their season is eff you see kay eee dee.

Broncos v Rabbitohs
Rabbitohs by 4
The bunnies are a bit of an irresistable force at the moment. The Broncos have also manned up with a very young team and deserve a lot of credit. They seem like they will escape the cellar and make the playoffs once again. But without Thaiday, Folau and Lockyer it's struggle street.

Storm v RoostersStorm by 10
By this stage I should be 0-4 and thankfully it's an easy one. Or is it? Storm missing origin players and the Roosters had the blueprint for how to beat them on display last week. Headbutt's and other filth for 80 minutes. It's all legit now, the NRL judiciary rewrote the rules so look out for steelcage matches at a ground near you in 2011.


Tuesday, June 01, 2010

New Zealand has had a vasectomy 

Prime Minister John Key surprised the Press Gallery with an announcement today that he had ordered a vasectomy for the country, after concluding that its population was just too dumb to reproduce, having yet again voted his party into power. In the silence that followed, Mr Key elaborated, saying that the steady hand of Muzza McCully had "fixed the problem once and for all", sparing the nation's manhood the indignity of rough treatment at the hands of "Crusher Collins" or "that idiot woman from Rotorua who dresses like a caricature of a Westie."

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