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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Key's son: I am not a dump for your penny dreadfuls 

Official Desk of the Son of the Prime Minister

To: All Ministers

Re: Shares

I am not a dumping ground for your shitty fucking shares! I don't want $31 of penny dreadfuls Muzza (and watch yourself at my dad's BBQ next time) - or any other share portfolios that won't even buy me a dozen beers when I turn 16 (assuming I could sell them, which will obviously be difficult, since you can't). It's like I said to Dad when he tried to dump some dodgy stock on me: "Fuck off Dad, I'm not even a fucking capitalist, and I'm going to vote for the fucking Alliance just to teach you a lesson when I'm 18. Now close the fucking door and let me listen to my iPod in peace."


Son of John

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