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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Come And Get Us, McCain! 

Senator John, "I don't know how to use e-mail" McCain has proposed a bill that would overrule supposed net neutrality.

In between naps, McCain claimed that he did not support government regulation of internet service providers to stop them from censoring and meddling with websites, blogs and internet usage.

What's wrong with corporate censorship of the Internet? For McCain, nothing. His vision is for internet service providers to make money by ousting out competitor advertising, dissent, or anything else that doesn't tow the party-line.

What's alarming is that this comes from a guy who admitted that he can't use email.

What's terrifying is that Senator Sleepy is on Twitter.

It's one thing for an internet-illiterate nincompoop to suggest how literate users should behave, and how they should be regulated.

It's certainly another thing for an internet dummy to be on Twitter. I've been suspicious about Twitter thanks to the sudden, widespread, participation and endorsement out of Hollywood. I mean these Hollywood types tend to jump on the band-wagon for all sorts of stupidity (see: Scientology; The Atkins Diet; HD-DVD; Crystal Pepsi; Fake Tanning; Boob Jobs; Reality TV) So when Twitter came up out of nowhere, and suddenly celebrities are Twittering on the toilet and Tweeting during child birth, I figure that something is up.

Now I know that something is up. To get Senator "I'm can't find the @ symbol" McCain to be on Twitter and for him to endorse corporate censorship of the Internet, makes perfect sense. It's a move to suggest that the wide-spread hybridity of the internet be condensed down to 30 second sound bites.

Now if the U.S. Congress passes this act before passing an act for universal health-care, then that society is truly fucked. But I really doubt that that Internet Freedom Act, or the Twitter Act, will ever come to pass.

For all of their inherent evils, corporations are cunning, and they realize that there is more $$ to be made by allowing the existence of millions of little B.I.R. style blogs, rather than jamming Tweets down our throats.

Once again, John McCain, you are a complete and fucking idiot.

Do us all a favour and go get some rest.

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