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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Post #1400: Why I don't care for Jacob Oram 

I think I first disliked Jacob Oram when I first saw him play live for the BC's, possibly in Napier in late 2002 (Yamis also in attendance - we both witnessed that rarest of events, Mathew Sinclair scoring an international century).

Here was this beast of a man ... who lumbered in to bowl at little more than a gentle trot, and never seemed to put his back into it.

I quickly got over it. In the end, if a guy can take wickets why should I give a fuck what his action's like? In cricket, this is called the Sri Lankan principle.

And for a while, take wickets he did.

But, over time, Jacob's attitude seemed to soften, and with it his form became less firm than it previously was. The slightest ill-wind would sink his battleship, if you will.

And now there's this 1.98m chump who can muster little more energy than that required for 4 quick overs and a hopeful swish or two.

Too bad about the Champion's Trophy ... Big Jake's services are strangely unavailable!

Look, I know the guy's not terrible when he does take to the field. 'Cos Chuck Z told me so.

Sure, in almost 100 ODI innings he's scored just 1 century and 11 half-centuries, and averaged just 24.40. But hey, his opportunities for big scores would be reduced by coming in late in the middle order (we'll overlook the fact his opportunities for not outs are increased ... oh, and that this year - admittedly in just six innings - he averages just 10.16).

His batting records for 2007 and 2008 are very solid: across 24 innings he managed 8 half-centuries plus his one century (vs Australia), 6 not outs, and an average in the mid-high 40s.

With the ball, he averages about 8 overs & 1 wicket per game over his entire ODI career.

Economy rate of 4.3, and averages 31 runs/wicket.

He hasn't taken 4 or more wickets in an innings since 2005. But still performed reasonably well in both 2007 and 2008.

This year (admittedly in just six innings) he's taken 4 for 220-odd.

So, to conclude:

His record isn't bad by New Zealand standards, and at times he's contributed significantly.

What bothers me about the guy his never-ending list of inexplicable injuries, his apparent unwillingness to play through the most minor of niggles, his inflated sense of self-worth (channelling Mathew Sinclair), his money-grubbing attitude vis-a-vis the Indian T20 comp, his increasingly apparent disregard for the true form of the game (on the basis it requires sustained effort on his part), and his constant whining to the media.

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Just to be a pedant.

Sinclair never scored an international century in Napier
Shit, you're right. He got 78. For some reason I remember it being 100. Must have been the Tui, I guess.

Tuffey got a wicket in the first over too, I see.
And, from memory, it was a pretty tortured 78 too.
Lucky we got Jesse Ryder then! The next Martin Crowe!
Yep his leg is f**ked too
...and a bit late to the thread, but liked CGW:
Mark: ...and Jacob Oram is going to retire
Mulligan: if he doesn't get injured first

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