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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Isn't it Obvious? 

Look Ivan, you don't need independent observors having a look round the club this week. The balls ups were made long ago.

You (I know, you were advised by some idiots as well) dunted ALL our halves and picked a guy who should have been used as a bit part player in an energency, and for some mentoring. As a side note we bought Kemp thinking he'll run in 20 tries for us but it's a shame we put a winger into space about as often as Brent Todd scored tries. Although our outside defenders knopw how to put opposition wingers and centres into space so maybe we could have got a tip from them. I feel sorry for the guy, and Ivan, you should be ashamed of the position you put him in. All the plonkers out there are saying, gee, Kemp was a bit of a flop. Funny how he'll run in a dozen tries a season for anybody else in the comp.

And then you proceeded to play the most boring ineffective attacking style I have ever laid eyes on from a team I support. They average 16.39 points per game. The worst ever attacking Warriors side was the 2000 team who averaged 16.38. So if they score 16 or less points v the Storm they will take bottom spot. The thing is that this side is nowhere near as bad on paper as some sides we've had in the past but he took a team that has been getting progressively more boring in the past 1 to 2 years and completely castrated it.

Three tips
1) Make sure you have nimble halves that can run, pass and kick a bit.
2) Teach the backline some moves.
3) Tell your loose forwards to get wider and stop playing like props.

There, all that was for free.

and if I see our boys doing wrap around moves, our loosies logging it up and looking for a hit and spin offload and chip bombs to Vatuvei next year I swear to god, I'll go apoplectic.

I'm just saying all this stuff because I care.

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