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Thursday, August 20, 2009

NRL week 24? 37? 96? 

The race has nearly been run. I've pulled a few hammy's along the way but I'm gonna get there!!!!

Tigers v Eels
Eels by 4
This should be an absolute rip roaring cracker of a match. Or one side could blow the other ones confidence and with it, season away. I could go either way but the dice came up blue and yellow.

Dragons v Broncos
Dragons by 10
Unthinkable a couple of weeks ago but the Broncos probably won't lose this game by 70 points. In fact there is an extremely small chance of an upset. But it's so small I'm not going to be a dickhead and pick it.

Knights v Cowboys
Knights by 4
Another interesting clash. The Cowboys are all over the shop and the Knights played some good footie last weekend to knockoff the Storm. I have a feeling that they might struggle to do that 2 weeks running and they are awful finishers which will play on their minds but maybe a big turnout will provide the defibrolator they need for one more week on their season.

Panthers v Rabbitohs
Panthers by 6
The Rabbitohs are travelling a touch better but only because the Panthers were munted off the park by the Broncos. Teams that were killed on the road often bounce back at home the net week. Fingers crossed for this tipster.

Titans v Sharks
Titans by 14
The Sharks season died long ago. they played a bit of decent footie just for the hell of it but now they have remembered that a) they are shit and b) their season really did die long ago so c) they have nothing left to play for except Mad Monday. Uh, oh!

Warriors v Raiders
Raiders by 6
I really want to pick the Warriors but I just can't. They have given up. The Raiders whould have but showed last week they've got some rock'n'roll left on them smacking the shit out of the side that should win the comp. The Warriors need to swallow some fucken man pills and bash the shit out of somebody for the first time in a long time.

Storm v Sea Eagles
Storm by 4
Please oh please let the Storm win this. I have no further comment.

Bulldogs v Roosters
Bulldogs by 24
The biggest mismatch of the round. So the Roosters to win it then. Fucking NRL!!!

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