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Thursday, August 06, 2009

NRL week 21 

Panthers v Dragons
Dragons by 10
The Dragons are too clinical at the moment and the Panthers conceded 32 points v the Warriors in 50 minutes. Nothing else needs to be said. Accept the Panthers will now probably win.

Storm v Cowboys
Storm by 10
The Storm very rarely lose back to back and they rarely lose at home. The Cowboys on the other hand are all over the shop.

Sea Eagles v Rabbitohs
Sea Eagles by 6
This should be a relatively tight game but the birds are a slightly better side in slightly better form so will sneak over the line unfortunately.

Bulldogs v Raiders
Bulldogs by 6
The Bulldogs are really starting to look iffy but don't be fooled by that 56-0 win by the Raiders last week. They were playing one of the worst defending sides in the NRL in decades and the Raiders pull efforts like that out now and then. But not two weeks running.

Warriors v Titans
Warriors by 12
Fuck it, you only live once.

Roosters v Tigers
Tigers by 8
Imagine the Tigers resurgence ending at the hands of the Roosters!!! And now forget it.

Eels v Knights
Eels by 8
The Eels are on a mean roll (where the hell do these things come from) while the Knights look like they have played all their football in the wrong half of the year. Good night for the knights?

Broncos v Sharks
Broncos by 2
I don't know how they'll do it but they are playing a side that also often struggles to score more than zero points. And after being utterly humiliated and at arguably the lowest point in club history there is nowhere to go but up.

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