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Thursday, July 02, 2009

NRL showtime 

After a shithouse week last week I'm hoping to bounce back and reassert my ascendency or some wanky thing like that.

Broncos v Warriors
Broncos by 16
Warriors to play the Broncos back into form. Cleary one step closer to early termination of contract. Can anybody quite believe they've let Fien go early when they have Hohaia (a fullback) and Jones (a has-been) in the halves?

Dragons v Roosters
Dragons by 6
The Roosters will put up a better than expected showing but may be missing a couple of dickheads from their side. The Dragons are looking better and better as the year goes on but still look like a bunch of dorks and will face plant in the semis.

Rabbitohs v Tigers
Rabbitohs by 2
Battle of two woefully out of form sides. I guess one of them can't lose but the question is who? The Rabbitohs showed a little bit of something last week and will need to build on it.

Storm v Knights
Storm by 10
The Storm had an off game (they've crept in this year) and the Knights have been in bad knick and only beat the Bunnies last week so I have to go with the home side bouncing back.

Sharks v Cowboys
Sharks by 6
Could go either way but the Sharks have turned over a new leaf ... although there was that loss to the awesome Roosters last week (eyes bulge).

Raiders v Titans
Raiders by 10
The Raiders are so unpredictable. If they turn up they can beat anybody (at home), but when they don't anybody can knock them over. Too moody for me, but what can you do? I hope they take their happy pills Friday night. And in the NRL they probably will, plus a whole lot of other ones too..... and some booze..... and then meet some ladies..... and then realise those ladies are the Titans.

Panthers v Eels
Panthers by 4
This could go either way. Two very average sides that are temperamental. The Eels are a little more plain though and maybe the Panthers will spark a bit and have some smoked eel for sunday dinner.

Sea Eagles v Bulldogs
Bulldogs by 4
A big Monday night match!! Who knew?!!! The Bulldogs are a better team and playing better footie but the Sea Eagles could definately prove that they are back and a chance to defend their title.

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