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Friday, July 24, 2009

NRL July 24-27 2009 

Can't remember the week so I'll just chuck the date up there.

Sea Eagles v Knights
Sea Eagles by 10
A solid Friday Nighter here and the Eagles aren't back to their best but this is one they should take care of. Not sure what the Knights response will be to finding out their coach is buggaring off.

Titans v Broncos
Titans by 20
The Broncos are conceding 40 points every week (aside from the Warriors game for some reason) and with injuries on top of a capitulating defense the Titans will have to play like mugs to not win easily.

Bulldogs v Eels
Bulldogs by 8
The Eels were pumped up last week but expect them to just get pumped this week. A bit of a clash from the 80s and perhaps a different result with the Bulldogs having too many guns for the fish.

Cowboys v Panthers
Cowboys by 10
The Cowboys had a down week last week so must be due to have a good week this time right? Home turf, Thurston, playoff hopes teetering, they'll get there.

Storm v Sharks
Storm by 10
The Storm will have players back from injury and seem to bounce back from defeat well, though the inconsistency must be a major worry for their angry man coach. All the same they can play a nice basic game but put points on when they need to and their defence is solid each week so that's no points for the Sharks then.

Raiders v Tigers
Tigers by 2
Normally you'd pick the Raiders to win a game like this at home but the Tigers must surely string together a couple of decent games at some point the Raiders have lost ground on recent season. They are ripe to be completely tipped out of the playoff race.

Warriors v Dragons
Dragons by 12
If the weather is crap and the Warriors build on last weeks effort on attack then they are in with a sniff but the Dragons are actually playing really good fucking football that is several levels above the Warriors. Can we lower them to our standards? I think not.

Rabbitohs v Roosters
Rabbitohs by 12
The Rabbitohs are throwing points round like its christmas and the Roosters defence should ensure they get plenty more gifts this week. Or is that easter eggs?

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