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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tis the weekend, time for some rockin good fun 


That is some serious good times in those video clips!!!

This is a great blog, with some cool stuff but Auckland is a shit hole. Hamilton - H-Town, the Promised Land, the best there is FOREVER! Steve Tew needs to dump four teams out of the Air New Zealand Cup here's hoping that the Auckland Gaybo's are one of them.
Waikato Forever.
Fuck me days mate! What a fine example of damning with faint praise!
Its not faint praise - this blogs cool. Auckland = Shit Hole. Aucklanders = Massive Wankers.
It's alright Chuck. Approximately a third of Aucklanders weren't born in Auckland. Waikato is made up of people on their way to live in Auckland but who can't afford to move here yet. ;)

I work with a couple of people who have just moved up from Christchurch and who love it here.

In the meantime we'll keep living while others waste their time chucking stones...

glad you like the blog though Waikato, you're our first fan!
That cant be true. Anyway people who live in Auckland or move there shouldn't be allowed back. Traitors. Fuck em all. Tom Morello is god.
When the highlight of Waikato's social calendar is Field Days I don't think you can label anywhere else, bar perhaps Palmerston North, a true shit hole.

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