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Thursday, May 21, 2009

NRL - taste buds weekend 

Last weekend may have been the heritage weekend (the Warriors took it a bit far by playing like some of their sides from the late 90s).

But this week is "Taste Buds Weekend" because there are so many interesting matchups.

Here's how I see them...

Eels v Rabbitohs
Eels by 4
I'm not sure with this one. The Eels tried hard last week and have an OK side on paper (especially Hayne who was outstanding), but just don't seem to have much confidence. The Rabbitohs on the other hand don't have such a flash side on paper but are playing with tonnes of confidence. Home ground?

Tigers v Broncos
Broncos by 8
The Broncos hopefully saw a tape of the Storms game last week and will have seen the benchmark performance of the season for a side with title aspirations. At this time of the year they are always hit and miss but I'll go out on a limb and pick them.

Sharks v Dragons
Dragons by 10
The Dildo Sharks are on a massive losing streak. They are on drugs, booze, having sex orgies, handing out sex toys, and are beating up girlfriends and employees. This is a club that needs to be its own reality TV show. Forget playing footie to make bucks, they could hit the big screen.

Panthers v Roosters
Panthers by 10
I just love picking anybody v the Roosters. Especially a Roosters side this hopeless. I'm just about ready to start feeling sorry for them. Maybe next century. Oh no, hang on, that's only 91 years away now. Perhaps the one after.

Bulldogs v Storm
Storm by 6
This is arguably the clash of the year to date. The Bulldogs were robbed like you wouldn't believe last week while the Storm were so hot you'd spontaneously combust if you shook one of their hands after the game. They must have so much confidence right now that the Bulldogs will have their work cut out for them trying to dampen it down all night.

Raiders v Warriors
Raiders by 10
Even Ivan Cleary must be putting money on the Raiders in this game. They are so far off the pace in terms of recruitment, selection and form that its a wonder they'll even have the ability to find their way to the ground. Guts might get them over the line if the Raiders play like shit but probably not after the shellacking they got last time out.

Titans v Sea Eagles
Titans by 2
This should be another cracker. The Titans aren't going to be anybody's bitch (not for a while anyway) and the Sea Eagles have finally remembered last year. The Titans might scrape home in a very tight one.

Cowboys v Knights
Cowboys by 4
This shapes as another interesting clash. Both teams coming off big wins away. I think the Knights have the better side but Thurston will be the one to swing this game. If he's on form they'll get home, if not then the Knights could easily romp away with it.

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