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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Last Weeks NRL picks - week 5 

Was a tad busy and didn't have time to post them here but they were up at sportsfreak if you don't believe me. I've added comments to see how accurate I was.

Roosters vs Broncos
Broncos by 2
If this game was played last week you'd be all over the Broncos but after a handy win to the Roosters and the Broncos crashing at home it's a bit more in the balance. I think the Roosters may surprise but I'm just tilting the other way.

(Broncos by 4) In the end the Broncos did it fairly comfortably save for the last ten minutes when they went to sleep to make it fairly close on the scoreboard.

Eels vs Dragons
Dragons by 8
The Dragons are on a roll and the Eels are going to be a bottom four side this year. It is make or break time for them to prove otherwise, but I don't think it will happen in this one.

(Dragons by 14) Yep, about right though the Dragons walked over them more than thought.

Sharks vs Raiders
Sharks by 6
It really is great to see a side that plays negative, defence oriented football losing early on. It doesn't win you premierships (usually because you get blown out of the water before getting a title shot). But they are surely going to get over the line here... somehow.

(Raiders by 10) Jeez, the Sharks really have lost their confidence. I suppose it must be demoralising to have one game plan and know in advance that it ain't going to win the title or even get very close so they are probably wondering why they are even showing up to play footie.

Storm vs Panthers
Storm by 12
The Storm rolled at home by the Titans?! I saw it but couldn't believe it. They played their usual up the guts style but for some reason they weren't getting the results and the Titans clicked with their attacking raids. The Panthers were hot to trot and have back to back wins but surely both teams can't keep repeating....”

(Storm by 2) The Storm just aren't the side they have been in past seasons but they got a tight one done and the Panthers are probably starting to convince a few people that they won't be sucking on the wooden spoon.

Cowboys vs Titans
Cowboys by 10
This shapes as an interesting clash. Titans are healthy and proving they can win difficult road games. The Cowboys on the other hand are a side that can put you to bed when in the mood. The Titans might be a bit complacent after last week and have the night off.

(Titans by 4) As long as the Titans stay injury free they look alright and this is an impressive result.

Knights vs Warriors
Knights by 14
The Knights should run amok. The Warriors will welcome somebody, anybody back from injury but it won't be enough to knock over these guys at home.

(Knights by 2) Looked like I would be bang on here at one point but to give this Warriors side credit they are understrength and in years gone by they would have given up and lost by 40, but they rolled the sleeves up and gave themselves a shot.

Sea Eagles vs Tigers
Sea Eagles by 8
It ends here, now.

(Sea Eagles by 13) It ended alright. Stewart scoring 3 would have made everybody feel a bit uncomfortable, including many Sea Eagles fans who probably still think the guys a dickhead.

Bulldogs vs Rabbitohs
Bulldogs by 2
The Rabbits have a very solid attacking unit and their defense was incredibly organised and committed last week. The Bulldogs on the otherhand will throw up any old sort of effort so this is one of those 50/50 calls and I think they'll scrape home by a late try.

(Bulldogs by 2) Snap!!!

6 from 8. That's solid as fuck in this comp. I'll take it and move through to 60% for the season.

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I thought Stewart actually looked a little embarrassed himself as he scored each try.

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