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Friday, April 03, 2009

Basin Preview: Chuck Z in Absentia 

It is very bright here today. Perfect still sunny morning - Welly putting on an unbeatable 'good day'. The wind will be the warmer northerly when it gets up, there is no rain on the radar for the duration.

Enjoy possibly the last match where Jesse 'The Body' Ryder is a delightful revelation rather than the man carrying our hopes. Assuming he does well again we (being kiwi sports fans) will start to expect it always of him and criticise him when he doesn't always make the grade. Honeymoon over sort of thing.

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Were you there over the last couple of days Chuck?
I got a day pass from the missus and spent the whole day there yesterday.

Froze my nuts off and suffered the usual morbid depression that the Black Caps tend to inflict.

Though it was good to see Chris Martin get a standing ovation when he slapped Harbajan back down the ground for a boundary.
I was there Saturday and Sunday LB. After taking a hammering from the wind on the embankment Sunday I was a bit wary of going back until there was something to enjoy or support, and so I ended up not returning.

Saturday was about the busiest I've seen the Basin.
And for the forum LB, I note that Franklin was our sixth best batsman by runs aggregate and average.
Batting at the easiest time it should be noted.

Maybe he wants to open if he reckons he'll go better there and Mcintosh and Guptill can drop down to 6 or 7.

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