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Monday, March 02, 2009

Please Korean Computer Gods YES! 

I was skimming through this guff on a Korea - NZ FTA that is about to be formally negotiated when Lee Myung bak (corrupt) arrives in NZ.

When I happened upon this sentence...
They will also seek ways to expand bilateral exchanges in information and telecommunications, education, culture and human resources; and how to overcome the global financial turmoil and allow Korean companies to participate in building a broadband infrastructure in New Zealand.

I would susbstitute the word "participate" with "take the fuck over".

Now that's what I'm mo fo talking about. 3+ hours to download a movie in NZ at our place. 8 minutes when we were recently in Korea. And soon to be closer to 8 seconds once they move to the next era of supu dupa computa cable err uta's. Not to mention they won't price gouge or put caps on download amounts. Download caps are so last century in Hanguk. Dae Han Min Guk!!!!

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Ha! I was working with delegates at the Pacific Islands Business Forum which was held in Waitakere last year and the journalists who were attending from the Islands couldn't believe how crap NZs internet was. Couldn't send their stories and photos back to the Islands reliably. They were appalled, compared with internet services in their homeland - Tonga! If you look back through Government ministers statements you will find successive Govs/telecom has been promising high-speed broadband will "shortly be available" to all NZers since at least the early 2000s.
Lee Myung bak (corrupt)

I remember you saying that there are two types of politician in Korea - the sort who are in prison for corruption, and the sort who are corrupt but haven't been arrested and convicted yet.
In fact, you said it here:

"There are two types of politician in Korea. Ones who have been caught for accepting backhanders and ones who haven't been found out yet. Either way, everyone of these SOBs is working the job two ways at the same time."

That was Jan 10th, 2007.

How fucking good is my memory?
You clearly aren't drinking enough alcohol.

In the meantime what the fuck is up with the Pakistani nutters?!!!!

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