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Saturday, March 28, 2009


It's almost surreal watching Zar Lawrence playing in the Hong Kong Sevens tonight and playings his guts out. His younger brother, Wiremu, was killed in a car accident and he found out about it this morning but is playing out the tournament before flying home to the Tangi. I can't even begin to think how I would deal with similar news but I sure as fuck wouldn't be going in the class room to teach for several days let alone several hours later.


Every year I watch the HK Sevens and think back to when I went there. I think that it's the last time NZ actually won it in 2001 (and we were lucky as from memory Aussie were up by about 10 points with a minute left before doing a couple of dmub things allowing us in for a couple of tries and a last minute conversion gave us the semi win. We then dicked Fiji in the final). Rip off beers at $12NZ for a large cup, the equivalent of about a pint I suppose and they played 3 songs on a loop for 3 days. That Tom Jones Sex Bomb song, a J Lopez song and one other. Talk about a marketing disaster. They seem to have moved on thankfully as I haven't noticed the same songs in the background in years since. Highlight for me was my Canadian mate putting Mapel leaf stickers all over the place including our luxury hotel entrance and on police car bonnets.


Warriors crap out but actually probably a good time to get it. They will still be in the top area of the table and have 21 matches left so should slap themselves in the face and get back on the pony. Although if people think you can just tick yourself off and win in the NRL you have another thing coming. Teams bring it every week and if you don't you may as well run onto the paddock with your pants round your ankles.

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For Zar Lawrence, God's grace be urs and ur family. Little bro has gone to a better place. Continue being an awsome player and person u r.




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