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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Where angels fear to tred 

Goff ready to venture at Waitangi where Clark feared to tread farts the Herald.

Actually, Clark attended Waitangi quite a few times, was treated atrociously, and rightly decided to stop going. Brash got mud in the face, and already Key has been shoved.

The Herald continues
Mr Goff will also attend the dawn service this year - another break from the practice of Helen Clark, who habitually avoided early starts, including Anzac Day and Waitangi Day dawn services

Which makes Helen Clark appear rather work-shy, when she was often offering articulate comment on radio and TV at or before 7am.

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you mean that helen wanted to disrespect the protocol and couldn't handle not being allowed to speak? i think she should have grown a backbone and got over herself.
The same protocol that allowed Jenny Shipley to speak earlier, you mean?

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