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Saturday, December 06, 2008

RIP truth seeker 

It is with great sadness I report on the passing of, who I believe to be, one of the great New Zealand scientists and minds of our times.

There are few nowadays who are prepared to take a stand against the norm - prepared to rock the entrenched foundations of conventional wisdom and popular thought, damned the heavy toll of personal consequence.

But Owen McShane was one such straight thinker.

His unceasing noble work in the battle against the "myth of global warming" and on behalf of New Zealand's emitters and economy, will be remembered for years to come.

Just last week the NZ Herald - which must be commended for publishing McShane's truths and reinforcing in the public eye that there is genuine intellectual debate on the topic - ran his scholarly article exposing Brian Rudman's opinion piece on global warming as nothing more than a politically motivated attack on the Honorable Rodney Hide.
His terminology "human assisted global warming" is so weak and so subject to interpretation that he is probably right. After all, much "global warming" has been "assisted" by downright fraud and alarmist claims.

The urban heat island effect (caused by cities) is well recognised, and the extreme economic and demographic inputs into the IPCC computer models have also "assisted" in creating an impression of global warming.

Indeed, for any one with the time for finding out about the "truth" I suggest you follow some of the inspired links from the late McShane's nzclimatescience website, a modern day "The Origin of Species" I believe.

Some links from the site I personally recommend:
Why NZers should list vote ACT
Is Climate Change Science Equipped to Answer Questions
Why BBC shunned David Ballamy

Details of McShane's unfortunate passing are still coming together however the NZ Police released a media statement today saying that at this stage it appears to have been an unfortunate accident.
"The deceased was enjoying a few drinks at a family picnic in a park when he wondered off to look off the edge of the earth. Unfortunately it would appear the deceased has leaned too far over the edge and lost his balance and fallen straight off the face of the earth," detective Alice Webber said.

"It's really unfortunate, there are many signs in the park warning people to be careful and not to lean over the edge."

Detective Webber says the police will double its efforts in petitioning the local city council to fence the edge off once and for all.

I just hope that with his passing McShane's critics in the mainstream media will now have the good grace to stop their cruel attacks; linking this truth seeker with big oil and shameless scientific frauds.

How time will judge ye to be fools.

Is this a joke? Cos it's not funny...
I know Pete, it must be hard to laugh when you're a right winga!

But you'll get there one day.

It'll be no good dying bitter and twisted in a rest home when the whole worlds exited stage left and you're standing there holding your twanger.
It's fine to poke fun at people, and I have no problem with satire at all, but imagine if someone that knew Owen found this link and didn't read down to the 'Police Media Statement'.

I just think it's poor taste.
Do you seriously think that anybody reads our blog?!!

A joke? Come on Pete, we can't choose the news. Like the late McShane, we just report the facts.
And the lonely voice of youth cries: what is truth?

"imagine if someone that knew Owen found this link and didn't read down to the 'Police Media Statement'"

I always check BIR for the str8 shit before checking major news sites, so its gratifying that you think others do likewise Pete.
But seriously, satire is bloody dangerous business. You could end up confused, or worse, holding the wrong end of your twanger. One finds bullshit and distortion whenever one encounters 'news'. This is a very revealing article, as newsworthy as most of what we read.
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