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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Is that it? 

The most exciting event on the campaign trail to date is ... the gaffe-prone Lockwood Smith parroting the racial stereotypes of South Island employers. Whoop-dee-doo. Don't get me wrong, Lockwood Smith is a cock - and has been for some time - but this non-event wouldn't convince 1 person in a 100 to change their vote (one way or the other).


Now, if only Chuck Z was around to give us a guide on voting this election. That could really stir things up. As long as he doesn't advocate voting for renowned homophobe Stephen Franks (whose ongoing sophistry around civil unions defies belief, really).

Interesting that the sky hasn't fallen since civil unions were introduced, and it's not an election issue in any way or sense this time around. Nor did gay marriage feature even in the background of the recent Canadian election, despite the rabid railings of many conservatives in the past. Society moves on, who knew?

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I'm around dc_red. Even from work I keep an eye on BIR.
I just knew that you'd forsaken me after I indicated a preference for Franks as my electorate MP (Wgtn Central), but I didn't realise that you'd out me! But no fear, I'm not going to advocate voting for Franks.
Under MMP we only vote along party lines once - it's called the Party Vote and it's conveniently labelled such at the top of the ballot sheet. The other vote is for someone to represent my electorate in the House. Being an adherent if not a believer in democracy I'll follow instructions and vote for the person I believe will best represent Wellington Central in Parliament. So in this case I am not voting for a party but for a person to advocate for me and mine. Currently I'd rather Stephen Franks be that person than the party stooges he's running against. I'll let you know when I finally make up my mind.

Any "two ticks" type electioneering or "split-vote" strategising undermines the ideal of MMP voting. But then I'm more process-driven than results-driven when it comes to politics. Unlike work...
I actually had no idea of your views on Franks? So no "outting" around here - something Franks wouldn't approve of anyway! ;-)
You had no idea because the email I supposed you were referring to (mentioning supporting Franks) was still in my drafts folder. So I ended up outing myself and looking like a Lockwood Smith. But you'd have to agree that your comments are eerily on the mark dc! So, a false accusation from me means a beer for you at some future meeting.

To fill in the backstory for our readers I've cut'n'pasted the guilty email; which is in full in your inbox:
...the electorate MPs are, in my mind, there to represent the best interests of their constituents. So I look for someone who will advocate strongly for Wellington Central should they be successful. Their party affiliation is only a consideration insofar as their likelihood of otherwise entering parliament on their party's list and thus increasing my electorate's representation in the House. Of course, they need to be generally electable unless I'm protest voting. Also, I resent feeling the need to vote strategically. I split my votes for the right reasons: one for the local fulla to represent my 'hood, one for the party I most want to see represented in Parliament.

So, to your question. I don't know for sure:
I'm thinking Stephen Franks will make a good local MP. He's a true Wellingtowner and its likely we feel similarly about local issues. 60 on the National list so hopefully he won't make it into the House that way.

Sue Kedgley is another who likes and uses Wellington the same way I do and so could represent WC well, but I suspect that she can't see past her ideology when it comes to advocating for WC. Should come in from 5 on the Green list.

Grant Robertson is a party hack through and through. He'll probably win here as he is a chardonnay-swilling intellectual gay Labour Party insider (someone referred to him as H3 the other day, so tight is he with Heather Simpson), which goes down such a treat amongst the refined urban liberals in these parts. I'm not voting for him. 46 on Labour's list so hopefully he'll make it into the House that way.

Heather Roy just offers nothing for me. I've been trying to get info on how Hide is polling in Epsom but apart from ACT's own polling all I can find is "he should get in" with absolutely no polling to back up such a statement. I think Epsom's the most important electorate in the country this election as it is the only way National will find a natural partner should they need a coalition - let's expand on this later?

Michael Appelby has nothing to offer WC although of course I strongly support his issue. NB: I'm hoping a centre-left coalition can offer Dunne the Speaker's chair (or otherwise shut him up with a family tax proposal) and so finally ease some of our stupider drug laws.

Grant Brookes (RAM) was a nobody representing a reactionary (commonsense-beats-policy/anti-politics) party, until I read some beaut comments raging about the global corporatocracy and decided I liked him. I'd buy him a beer, which I wouldn't for those above.

Don Franks (Workers Party) is another guy I'd buy a beer. But just like Brookes he isn't cut out to be a politician.

Vaughan Smith (UF)is a dweeb of the first order and offers nothing.

I don't know anything about the others.

So, in answer to your question and surprisingly enough: probably Stephen Franks.

If Franks were to win WC could have 3 or 4 MPs claiming to represent it, as Kedgley, Robertson and perhaps Roy will also be MPs. So it's not as if WC is going to do poorly this election.
Chuck Z,

You’re fortunate being in the Wellington Central electorate. So vote for Sue Kedgley please.

Do it for me.

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