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Saturday, September 13, 2008

The IRD 

Just to get a blog out there because there's a lot of popular demand for me to post.

What the fuck is with the IRD who have continously for three years ballsed up the amount that I get paid. Here's how it usually goes, I get a pay rise and call them up to tell them the new amount, they change my details and then send a letter confirming this. Then a month or two later they send me a letter saying according to their figures I am getting paid x amount a year which is always a totally bull shit amount.

This has happened once or twice a year EVERY YEAR. I call them up, ask them wtf? and they say "oh, yeah, we have a record of you contacting us and telling us what you get paid". Today I got a letter in the mail saying I earn 8,000 a year more than I actually do according to "the information we regularly receive". I don't know what information they regularly receive but a simple fucking calculator that can multiply my bi-weekly pay by 26 will tell them that I get paid EXACTLY what I told them I get paid.

And that's not all. Their website login NEVER works for me. So I can't update jack shit on line. I gave up with my first efforts and today I try to do it again, call up, get it verified and straight away try to log in but of course it tells me it can't. And then what do you know, the website is now down for a day while they do major maintenance work on it.

I suppose I could call them but I did try that already today and the "more than ten minute wait" was 'right'. I gave up after being on hold for 26 minutes. But who's counting, because they sure as fuck can't.

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If you are getting wages there is no need to phone them up to get them to recalculate, that should be done regardless due to the PAYE reports sent by your employer ( I assume you are a PAYE payer)every fortnight or month.

What they will show will be the amount paid to you by your employer, and the PAYE on your behalf.

Also experience shows that if you have a Family Assistence debt going bad a few years then the IRD will wipe that debt providing you send in a hardship form, and that is easy to doctor.

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