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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sport, but not as we know it 

I'm bedded in to watch the Olympics. Even splashed out to get the freeview box so I can pick and choose a bit more.

I have a question though. Why the fuck is football in the Olympics? It is not the pinnacle of the sport and it is an age group competition. You can only play in it if you are under 23 unless you are one of the three exempt players. That to me is prejudicial for starters to those aged over 23 and it's also a steaming pile of shit on the Olympics themselves. Clubs don't want to release their players and fifa didn't even bother to make it an international window when clubs would be forced to release their players despite the fact that it's essentially before the start to most professional competition seasons.

The IOC should tell fifa to fuck off completely. You bring full open age squads with all players available or you don't come at all. Why isn't basketball under 23s? Or hockey? or swimming or anything else? What makes football so special?

To tell the truth football, basketball, softball, baseball and pretty much every other team sport shouldn't be there either unless they can prove that it is THE PINNACLE of their sport. Which it is for most of them I guess.

On another note... 34 medals in the swimming pool!!!!!

WHAT THE FUCK? 50m free style, 100m, 200m, 400m, 1500m, 10km marathon swim, plus the relay versions and then you can add in all the different strokes over the same distances, plus medley replays.

If you throw in the one for water polo, 2 for synchronised swimming and 8 for diving it means there are 45 medals decided in a large puddle of water. That's bullshit. Track and Field only has 47.

If they are going to have that many for swimming then they may as well add in the 50m sprint in athletics as well as the 100m backwards, 100m hopping (2 feet and one foot events separated of course), the blindfolded run, the wheelbarrow race, the frisbee relay race, the race with arms outstretch like and aeroplane, the 200m windmill arm race, the 400m bouncing a ball while running race and the handstand race.

I suggest though that they get rid of the butterfly, breaststroke and backstroke as freestyle is the fastest. Why the hell would you do something a slower way and then turn it into a competition. They may as well add in the piggy back 100m sprint if that's the case. All though I guess thats what the cross-country event is in the equestrian only there's no pigs on backs, only toffs in suits.

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I was just saying pretty much the same thing about the swimming to Mrs_Red last night. It doesn't seem right that someone like Phelps can be in to win 8 golds just because he's (very) good at one style of swimming.

That will be more golds than the entire NZ team.

If you're really good at pole vault you can win one. Ditto hockey. Ditto BMX, or whatever.

If you're really good at sprinting you might be in with a chance for 2, maybe 3. Carl Lewis was a bit of a freak with the long jump thrown in too.

But even so, 8 for swimming?! GTF!
Don’t weightlifting golds often come in groups of 3?

Although I’ve got a feeling that might have changed recently.

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