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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Diaries of a desperate house husband 

Now that the title has your attention, I offer a couple of reflections on what west Auckland suburbia is like during the weekdays, since for the the last 6 weeks I've been located at home, on a very short leash indeed.

1/ Direct-to-home shopping seems very popular in our neighbourhood. A particularly dodgy street nearby has at least three or four of the brightly-coloured trucks associated with these enterprises going in and out daily. The irony is that said street also features at least four cars/SUVs/bongo vans on every front lawn, so why on earth they don't drive to the shops is an interesting question.

2/ It is possible to break into our neighbours' house during the day, smashing the glass in both the front and back doors, and for Mrs_Red and I to hear and see nothing.

3/ There are a surprising number of indigent street youth, wearing wannabe gang gear (y'know, red bandannas and such) milling around. I always imagine they're looking at my newly replaced front fence and planning when to tag it. Bastards.

Sure has been quiet around here. Yamis is having a love-in with his Freeview. Bobert is presumably on summer holiday. Chuck Z was last heard of heading to a Pacific Island. The blogger formerly known as Bennyasena continues to be marked by his absence.

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The best way to take out taggers is to tag them first.

Not their property mind you, but they themselves.

Oh the defeatingly bitter taste of spray-paint to the mouth.

Advice for deterring the taggers.

Steal a Police car and leave it parked outside your house.
Thanks Leggie. Since Massey has been crawling with cop cars this Thurs and Fri such a theft should be pretty easy.

There was even an unmarked one behind me as I drove home this afternoon, but I saw the extra lights in the grill, and the uniforms of the driver and passenger, and slammed on my brakes in time to stop at an orange light.

They looked pretty dirty that they had to stop too.

Muhahahaha, not this time Piggies.
The simplest ideas are often the best.

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