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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Oh My How You've Grown! 

There I was just telling an 18 year old (who was telling me they'd never been ID'd) in the weekend about how I only get ID'd in liqour stores by middle aged woman when low and behold 24 hours later there I am buying some booze and I get asked for some ID by a lady who looked about 45.

I'm 32 years old for fucks sakes!!! I know I look quite a bit younger (although I have students who think I am in my 40s) but do I honestly look 17? I think not. I have ten day old stubble, am over 6 foot tall and look like Brad Pitt only way better looking. Maybe that's why they employ middle aged women because they think everybody looks like they've just climbed off a tricycle.

At least the lady in the video store cheered me up by telling me what great choices I had made with my DVD picks. She also has wonderful taste.

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Until this I had blithely assumed that I was the most handsome blogger on BIR.

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