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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's All Happening 

Somebody here has become a dad, somebody has become an uncle and somebody else has become the second best looking blogger.

Meanwhile Tony Veitch went from being an annoying prick to being a complete knob in the space of a week. He has the opportunity to move back to being merely an annoying prick but I am becoming concerned that he will become a disgraceful poster child for redemption before admission.

So anyway, what's going on in Korea?

Well, the North Koreans are shooting South Korean women for crossing a line. That's right, a Korean women on a tour to Mt Geungang was out for a stroll, got shouted at and freaked and ran, and was then mown down. I bet the shithead that pulled the trigger is mighty proud of himself (no, actually he probably is).

Hyundai also have to suck it up as they have been running tours there for quite some time and it seems that these types of 'border crossings' happen regularly with South Koreans detained and told off.

How fucking hard is it to say "don't go past there or you may get shot" and for the North Koreans to be told "look, some dipshits might accidentally walk past this line but just walk out and tell them to fuck off" ??? If the South Koreans ever do decide to attack they will not be using 53 year old women. They will blow Pyeongyang into oblivion and incinerate anything that moves. And if North Korea attack it will be a swarm of red ants devouring everything in it's path.

Look, I know this isn't going to happen but why can't both sides just lay their weapons down and wander off to a Pojang macha to get wasted.

Graham Reid has made a brief review of the latest MC Sniper album. I haven't got it yet (due to the tyranny of distance, but I'm sure my mother in law can hook a brother up. Hell, she just sent a box full of microwaveable rice FFS.

Meanwhile, Seotaiji has been making crop circles in Korea to promote his upcoming album. Good shit. Wish I could be here. He knows how to rock the party.

Fuck this I'm off to the beach.

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