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Monday, June 16, 2008

Define irony 

Am I right? Are people glued to their TV sets watching the nightly news and closely tracking power savings? Are there lots of computer-generated graphics to detail our savings? Are the news anchors presenting from in front of a huge video screen with bright images? Is the studio brilliantly lit so we can accurately gauge (and reflect?) the concern on the faces of our trusted anchors? Are there multiple cameras being used during the news bulletins that cover the crisis? Are there mobile reporting units down in the South (nice time of year, but chilly) sending up-to-the minute details on lake-levels back to the studio VIA SATTELITE?

Why have I not heard or seen anything saying we should save power by, gulp, turning off the TV?

And stop reading this! Unless you're one of those kids in a developing country with a crank-handle laptop. (Where do I get one of those?)

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On the other hand, Samantha Hayes (TV3 evening news reader) has been looking exceptionally foxy lately.
Ahh, I fondly recall Anita McNaughty looking foxy as all hell as she delivered the business news in the late eighties, starting the serious but sexy news presenter thing in NZ, so much better than the serious and stern appearances of the anchor-men of old. I guess if visions of Samantha keep you warm it may not be a complete waste of power.

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