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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Take heed, North Shoreans 

I'm just back from two weeks in Vancouver, thinking it was safe to surf the net again, when what do I find but a North Shore Times exclusive: Nice Shore girls vulnerable to P.

Good grief, say it ain't so. All this time I'd assumed it was just skanky hos from Manukau City and Waiheke Island. I guess not.

Apparently the "Grim Reaper of the drug world" is making inroads to Mairangi Bay, and its time for decent parents everywhere to lock up their daughters. Not in the creepy sense invoked by Michael Lhaws. (For an explanation of extra "h", see here).

The NST proceeds to breathlessly reveal that "attractive" 18 to 22 year old lasses from good Shore homes are at risk or becoming pock-faced, pimped-out P-ridden losers.

I always thought the sign of a slow news day was a story along these lines: 'There's this new drug popular among young people called "Ecstasy", also known as "E" or "X", which is taken at all night dance parties, or "raves". Its calamitous consequences include...'

Now they have "P" instead of a couple of other letters of the alphabet.

Drank some good "B" (beer) in Vancouver I must say.

Finally, I'm pleased to signal the arrival of a new contributor, Chuck Z (pronounced "Zee" not "Zed" he tells me), our Capital Correspondent. Stay tuned for his pronouncements on whatever springs to mind.

Sing the alphabet song to yourself, tell me whether you say "why and zee" at the end or "why and zed".
If only you guys had said you'd wanted a correspondent from the capital...
I'm worthy LB, I'm worthy!
It is a beautiful day today in the capital. Um... no traffic problems that I know of... oh bugger it, I'll link to the Wellingtonista if I get stuck.
Chuck, I noticed the traffic seemed a bit lighter this morning.

Fewer cars on the road? Not much doing at the Ministry of Immigration today I guess.
It's possible that many public servants are at home hastily thinking up excuses for their 'misleading' CVs. The uppermost excuse is likely to be "but everyone else is doing it".

To be honest LB I walk to work and barely notice the vehicular traffic. I'll try to pay more attention.

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