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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bust-up Billary Blues 

This is wrong of me, but blame celebrity culture...

I want Barack Obama to gain the D nomination partly because I want to see what happens to Bill and Hillary's marriage if she doesn't need him to fulfill her political ambitions anymore.
My pick is they will find Splitsville, USA on the road ahead. Surely she loathes him? Surely he isn't over his indiscretions?

Besides, didn't something similar happen after the last French presidential election?

Interesting, and likely. Perhaps though her political ambitions won't disappear if/when she loses the nomination. There's still the running mate position, and the 2012 nomination should Obama lose to McCain?
I know the 'dream team' idea is being floated and an Obama/Clinton ticket sounds good, but Obama doesn't need a gangrenous limb. Clinton is a very astute politician and an excellent policy maker so she'd be a decent president, but I just can't see her personality type fitting the VP position - VPs don't do anything but reassure folk that there's a spare president available in case the first one blows up/gets blown up.
I do not think that any Republican presidential candidate can beat any Democratic presidential candidate this year, so Obama will be nominated in 2012 as a sitting president.

I really can't wait, not because I belief Obama's bullshit rhetoric, but I love the fact that such an odd-ball loose-unit idealist could wield such power. Bring that shit on! I wanna watch!

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