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Friday, April 04, 2008

Shit 14 

I'll give you a sample of the radio commentary for the Shit 14 game between the Highlanders and Lions.

On Dickenson the ref: He made his international referring debut in a match between Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu. "I hope it was during the day time".

On the scrums continually falling apart: "They're disintegrating, this is as bad as we've seen them".

"His elbows hit him in the jaw, he's down for the count at the moment".

"Do you want to play rugby or not?": Dickenson asking if they would like to get on with the game.

Dickenson threatens to have uncontested scrums.

"They won't need the lights soon because they'll be playing in the morning. There's been 10 minutes of stoppage time in the first 26 minutes".

"Once again an opportunity goes for the Highlanders".

"His knee was turned inside out, ... it was twisted in half ... I might just go grab a coffee ... there are players down all over the place ... you wouldn't see this in a Les Mills gymnasium".

"He'd probably go inside the circus as one of those people you see fit inside a 4 inch box".

"Noble got taken from behind".

"The halfback kicks it dead in goal, another error from the Lions".

"The balls out on the full, the touch judge has got his flag out ... it's a shoulder charge, a penalty ... give me strength, that's a soft penalty".



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