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Friday, April 04, 2008

NRL WEEK 4 Tips 

Thus far I'm dominating, but as Leg Break suggested somebody with no knowledge of league and flipping a coin would be in the mix and somebody simply picking the home team would be rocking with 8 from 8 last week.

Blogging it Real
7 from 8 (running total 14 from 24) – 58.33x%

NZ Herald
6 from 8 (running total 12 from 24) – 50.00%

6 from 8 (running total 11 from 24) – 45.83%

League Freak
2 from 8 (running total 7 from 24) – 29.16%

Storm vs Broncos
Storm by 4
Easily the match of the round. The Broncos are shit hot while the Storm are shit not but they have a point to prove and to an extent the Broncos have proved theirs already.

Bulldogs vs Roosters
Bulldogs by 6
Almost too close to call. I'll have a stab and say that the Bulldogs will be slightly angrier than the Roosters and win it by 6.

Dragons vs Sharks
Dragons by 4
Hmmmmm….Dragons often good at home, but Sharks hard to break down and coming off a loss. Since it's the Sharks fourth road game in a row I'll go with the Dragons.

Titans vs Raiders
Titans by 10
The Raiders had a rare road win two weeks ago but it was v the Panthers. I have to go with the mediocre but hardworking Titans by 10.

Cowboys vs Eels
Cowboys by 8
You'd pick the Cowboys at home every time but they way they are going who knows. But since it's verging on a must win for them, or their season looks shot I'll pick them by 8.

Sea Eagles vs Rabbitohs
Sea Eagles by 14
Sea Eagles all the way. The Rabbitohs are 0 and 3 but they will be seriously doubting whether or not they can win this game and that will be the death of them. Sea Eagles by 14.

Warriors vs Knights
Warriors by 12
Embarrassment usually equals redemption the next week. Especially at home. Knights will give them a fright before the Warriors get over the line. If they don't, us fans should be getting a bit worried. The Warriors need to be careful though. Firstly, you don't just automatically win after coming off a hiding and playing an ordinary team at home. And secondly the big test will probably come the week after to see if it really was an aberration. Many times in the past in horrific seasons the Warriors have been flogged, won their next game then got flogged again and a month or two later the coach is looking for a new job.

Tigers vs Panthers
Tigers by 16
The win for the Panthers will have helped them relax but the Tigers will know this is a game where they can't afford to drop points.


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