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Monday, March 24, 2008

Fuck You TVNZ and Police Checkpoints 

These pricks have long had it in for the Warriors and league in general but tonight they stooped to.... well, their usual level. The Warriors got so pissed with their negative coverage that they basically told them to fuck off. And TVNZ make it pretty plain they have no professional integrity. Probably why I only watch TV3 news and flick back and forwards during sports news time to see the bits I want to.

Guess who was hosting the sports news on TVNZ as well? Andrew Saville, rugby commentator. There's no fucken way he wants to give league the time of day in the current climate with union being so shit, getting ratshit crowds and plummeting tv ratings while year after year the NRL crowds remain stable and increase slightly with TV ratings on the up.

So anyway, what exactly do we get on TV1 tonight?

There were two NRL league games yesterday afternoon/evening. The Warriors win over the Eels and in the later kickoff a huge upset in Melbourne with the Storm going down to the Sharks. And what does TV1 do? Well of course they show the incident which saw a player from each team sent off, show none of the tries or give the score and then cut to a game from Saturday night (two days ago) and show a forearm from a Cowboys player which left Hodgson dazed and the offending player put on report. And that's it. And no mention of the Warriors, post match analysis, nothing, the game finished too late to do it the day before.

TV3 of course does not have any bias and showed the tries from yesterdays games along with the foul play incidents in the Storm v Sharks match, and they have comments from Cleary and Wiki after the Warriors v Eels match.

And then low and behold I flick back to TVNZ and they have a 3 minute piece on the Marist rugby club's centenary which would probably have interested a few thousand people nation wide as a nice filler before they go to the weather. And what the fuck is up with previews of the weather forecast, before, and during the regular news before the usual 5 minute weather forecast. You would swear to god that most nights we could revert to the 30 minute news broadcasts we used to have. Although then they would fill it with 10 minute weather forecasts and 7 minutes of Super 14 highlights to slot in betwen ad breaks.

As I mentioned early. Fuck you TVNZ.

I've sent them a bit of feedback and will see what the response is.

Here's some thoughts I had on tvnz in 2006 to help establish a theme of shitness. That reminds me. I sent the NRL website an email on its shit website because it has a million links, takes a while to load and then slows down the operating of your comp. Not to mention there's so much stuff on the front page that you can't find anything. They never replied. But then they did reply when I told them they had ballsed up their ladder crediting the win to the Panthers instead of the Raiders from Saturday night. Talk about a classic example of the too hard basket, ignore it.

And while I'm on bias, or prejudice or persecution or whatever. Why the fuck are the police conducting check points for registration and warrant at the top of my road every couple of weeks (at least) these days. In 5 years of driving in NZ I think I had been stopped 3 times (in the 1990s). But in the past year I have been through a dozen check points up the road and about 8 of them have been in the last few months. Obviously they are catching people but fuck me, I resent to being checked constantly when I am never checked or never see anybody else being checked anywhere else. Maybe if you try another suburb you'll catch people there too. Although in saying that a mate of mine in another 'poor' part of West Auckland has them in his hood all the time as well.

Brothers just can't get a chance. Might have to go out strapped in future.

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Regarding TVNZ's coverage of the Warriors.

I note they devoted an entire track last night to the correct pronunciation of Manu Vatuvei's name.

Sports journalism at its most surreal.
That's how they roll.

They cover league but they don't REALLY cover league.

It's kind of pretend stuff. They are pretty much taking the piss. Focussing on the dirty stuff in the weekend is what you do on about Tuesday when the incidents are coming up before the judiciary. You don't cover them and avoid all mention of the scores and show no tries straight after the game.

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