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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

When to hold 'em, when to fold 'em 

Posted on behalf of Bennyasena:

John Key paying $1.47 to win the election at centrebet.

HC paying $2.60.

Good performance there from Key considering I can't think of one thing he's done or one policy that's significantly different.

[Editor's note: I think he is willing to mouth a prayer at Waitangi to a deity he doesn't believe in, which HC won't. And hongi with Maori radicals with dubious enthusiasm for firearms. HC also steers clear of this.]

[Editor's note numero dos: anyone else wondering if John Key is like Hillary Clinton - both run for office because they can (and because they can win), not because they appear to believe in anything? To clarify: I would still rather see Hillary in the White House than a Republican, but she, like John, appears to be, well, hollow.]

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The thing is that so many people want change and even many Labour supporters will be fairly ambivalent at the next election. Labour has had 9 years and they are hardly that amazing as a 'left-wing' government.

But everybody also knows that John Key isn't much more than a young(ish) fresh face who speaks quite well, but unfortunately about nothing.

I laughed when I heard his comments about Clarks speech as being "nothing", or "is that it?" Mate, that about sums up everything you have ever said as Nat leader.

National will get in (maybe because there might not be 50% of the vote falling on their side of things) and then start speaking shit about benefits and education and crime and then find after a while in power that shit and holy fuck, Labour has actually done pretty well and if we change too much we might well fuck it all up. But then we can just say that the decline has come about because of things Labour did two years ago and they are to blame etc etc.
You think Clinton is hollow?

What about Obama?

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