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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lazy media still easily outraged 

Lazy & outraged 1:
Continued use of "flicking" to describe (or, rather, downplay) alleged assault of a child. I am tempted to counteract this by describing the event, about which I know as little as the Herald, as "a full-blooded, closed-fist, round-house punch to the side of the head."

Lazy & outraged 2:
New guy in representative sports team gets drunk, injures self, makes arse of self ... can't play again for some time.

This momentous event in the history of the nation, and indeed, all sport everywhere in the world, clearly demands the lead story on Prime News, lead on TV3, lead on TV1, in all the sports news as well, then lead Campbell Live and lead Close Up, before being in Crowd Goes Wild as well. Astute comments here.

Would that the non-sensical blatherings of a certain opposition leader attract half as much critical attention.

Lazy & outraged 3:
Colin Espiner doesn't know (or care) that an election requires the dissolution of Parliament.

Lazy & outraged 4:
The "poor little us!" routine from the National Herald this morning, after it came in for some mild-mannered criticism from Clark and Davis. I think the editor doth protesth too much.

But I hope the "First Couple" (what?) feel better, because criticism of the media, even when richly deserved, only ever makes things worse.

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