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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Herald Really Taking the Piss 

Seriously, have they ever been referred to as New Zealand's "First Couple"? I'm talking about Helen Clark and her husband Peter Davis.

I love this bit from the 'article', if you'd dare grace it with that term:
An online poll at found 80 per cent of the 3000 respondents by 10
o'clock last night believed Labour was to blame for its polling troubles, 16 per
cent blamed "the media" and 4 per cent National.

That's a bit like the Greens trumpeting a survey which said that 80% of respondents want more land protected and more renewable sources of energy, taken from folks starting the Milford Track.

News flash for the cocks at NZ Herald. Most of your readers vote National, most of them are wealthy (enough to afford the internet), and do not live in South Auckland (and therefore since they never get surveyed your poll results will always be shit meaning a tidy wee shock for you when that real one comes out every three years). If your polls had any credibility at all Labour wouldn't have had 9 years in power because at the last election you consistently had National out in front and WTF happened?

Go poll Otara and Avondale fleamarkets. Or better yet my house. 100% Green Bro!

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Yes, the Herald and its sycophants also need to appreciate the difference between criticizing the editorial content of a newspaper, which is entirely consistent with free speech, and trying to restrict or dictate that editorial content through strong-arm tactics.

They really are morons.

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