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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Chug-a-lug, it's our 4th birthday 

So many quality posts since Feb 16, 2004. Yamis was our first contributor: a carefree young man holidaying from Korea, he complained about the rain in Auckland.

Then I chimed in about the rain in Vancouver.

Exciting suff. Bobert was my apprentice at the time, and would join the crew later, as would crime-fighting young journo Bennyasena.


Happy Birthday to us.

We will be off to primary school next year.
NRT is exactly one year older than us.
Congrats guys - four years is a long time in the nasty world of the web! May there be many more.....
Good work guys.

Anything leap out as the highlight / most viewed or commented on blog for example?

For me, one of the best running gags on here is when Randomanity pops his head out from behind the couch on the Monday following a Warriors loss…
aah LB

I've been keeping a low profile until the regular season starts. Also, given the internal strife besetting my beloved doggies, it's best I keep my mouth shut.

Nuff said eh.
Oh dear, I've just read yamis's first blog...

On the menu
Fuck off LB. At that stage I didn't even know if what I was writing would appear on the page. It took me about 5 hours solid to even get a 3 section screen because none of the blogger options allow that.

Mind you, I actually had something called time back then, ahhh, those were the days...

Once the Warriors start up I may actually have something to write about. I'm predicting they will make the major semifinals but can't go all the way with that half combination. Would help though if we could crawl out of debt and get sky hooked up during the year... fingers crossed. I can't be expected to be sober by the time the Warriors kick off on Prime at 11:30pm and later.
I can't believe I wrote "f-this" in that first post as well. What a fucken poof. I was probably worried I'd get arrested. Reminds me of the time a blogsite posted the Korean guy being beheaded and the Korean webnazi's blocked all access to the site for a couple of weeks so I couldn't post or even see it.

LB my personal favourite posts were the one about farting in bars and another was when Woodwards England team toured a few years back. That would be the first time mr. RB linked to us I believe.


The rest from me has been a steaming pile. Thank god dc_red can write. And damn the bloody tax payer organisation which has stifled the creative (betting) talents on bennyasena by blocking access at work.

Viva Bobert.

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