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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Smart-ass good for nothing cops 

I've had it with the cops at the moment. Last night at rush hour on Mayoral Dr: an unmarked squad car (blue Holden Commodore) with two uniformed officers inside weaves between lanes like the village drunk, performs a u-turn for no good reason, drives at 15kph up and down the street, all the while turning lights on and off arbitrarily. Dorks.

The family of the poor bugger murdered in the dairy in Manukau must have taken a lot of comfort in this police response: essentially, "yeah, dairies get robbed all the time and we knew this would happen sooner or later."

Further south again, some guy who's had a few too many wines in Queenstown is asked to leave the bar, and gets charged and convicted for "using insulting language" ... because he said police were "all rapists anyway". Resisting arrest, sure. But insulting fucking language ... get a life. Dicks.

Meanwhile, in Australia, Townsville Police arrested and charged Jonathon Thurston for "public drunkeness" - the heinous crime of walking home a bit drunk, not being able to find his keys, and deciding to take a nap in his own fucking front yard. For fuck's sake, who hasn't been guilty of that?

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arrested for public drunkeness?

So if I fell asleep on the bus would I be arrested for public tiredness?

Sounds like utter bollocks if you ask me unless he was lying in a pool of his own vomit and urine and taking up the entire foot path. In which case its an ugly speed bump.

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