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Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Anti-Social Bastards in Our Midst 

I steal the title of this blog post from George Monbiot, who used it for an article in which he claimed that "the car is turning us into a nation of libertarians." What he meant, more precisely, was that when one drives, "society becomes an obstacle", and that "the more you drive, the more bloody-minded and individualistic you become." Whether or not it is fair to connect drivers' alleged bloody-mindedness and reckless disregard for others to political libertarianism is an interesting question, is beside the point for my purposes today. But interestingly in his latest column he discusses a particularly outspoken libertarian business leader who has recently been suckling hard on the public tit.

What are my purposes, then? I'm fucking sick to death of the small-minded morons who go out of their way to destroy bus shelters in and around Auckland. Every Monday there's fresh carnage, with broken glass, smashed perspex, and even wooden seats that have been partially set on fire. And every Monday hundreds of public transport users find that "their" stop no longer provides shelter from the incessant fucking wind and rain in Auckland, and probably won't do for another three weeks until it is fixed. Of course, in the prevailing climate of anti-social little fuckwits, the "fix" will only be temporary, as the bastards will be back to ruin it for everyone in a few weekend's time.

Being forced to standing in the wind and rain, amid the ruins of a former bus shelter, does little to encourage public transport use, to put it mildly. If I could afford my own car, even a blue-smoker, I would probably buy one and drive it to and from the city every freakin' day. As it is Mrs_Red takes our one car to and from her work (as there is no public transport option for her).

Meanwhile, in other news (as they say) ... Winston Peters is a fuckwit. Why aren't all those Auckland Asians going out and forging business links with their home country, he asks? Yeah right. Just like I do with Ireland, and Yamis does with Scotland, and Winston himself does with Taiwan, or Italy, or wherever the fuck he comes from?

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