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Friday, September 14, 2007

NRL secondary quarter finals (or whatever) 

Bulldogs v Eels -

Hard to call. Good god the Eels were boring against the Warriors. Maybe the Dogs have more attacking flair? Plus I'm tempted to say Dogs just so we can delight in watching them be absolutely massacred by Melbourne next week. But the Eels are strong on defence, and if they're good enough to beat the Warriors in Auckland.... Might as well flip a coin.

I'm going to go with the theory that there's a reason the TAB has the Dogs at $1.70 and the Eels at $2.12. Quasi-home advantage or something for the mutts.


Cowboys v Warriors -

Those who follow my tipping (all 3 of you) will know I always pick the Cowboys to win at home. But this year their regular season home record was the same as their away record, with 8 wins from 12. Their home losses included the Rabbitohs and even the lowly Panthers. The TAB (which still thinks there is a team called the NZ Warriors) puts the North Queensland team at $2.00 and the Vodafone team at $1.80.

My heart says Warriors. My head says Cowboys.

Fuck it.



As usual both games could go either way so it's a flip of the coin type scenario but I can't see both home teams losing so if I pick both then I should get 50% right.

But something in my gut says that the Bulldogs will finally fucking do something with their season even though I think the Eels are a much gutsier team and have home ground advantage.

So I'm going to pick the Bulldogs.

And up in Townsville I just can't see the Warriors mustering the energy in the heat to beat the Cowboys.

They need to start like a house on fire and avoid having to defend a small lead in those temps.

I'm picking the Cowboys but not by much. Perhaps half a dozen.
I'm just blown away that you're picking the Dogs, yet not the Warriors.

What's happened?

For the record I'm going Dogs .... and because God is a fickle tart - the Warriors.

Civilization must be crumbling.
Why in fucks name did we all pick the Dogs?! Every time I watch them I am totally unimpressed and last night was no exception. Completely gutless, clueless, directionless and useless.
Now is probably as good a time as anyway to remind everybody that Sportsfreak picked 2 from 2 this weekend.

Just thought you should know. :)

Sportsfreak got the margins wrong though, didn't it?

Yamis / Dcred etc..

Have you ever been hacked? We were over the weekend. What a pack of pimply faced ....
Leggie -

I saw the message on Sportsfreak. Weird. No hacking here as yet.

I guess we're just too popular? :)
Either that or Sportsfreak is as easy to hack as the SIS computer systems.

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