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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

National Does the Unthinkable 

That's right. National have unvealed a policy. I believe it is their first since the 1990s.

And guess what? It's to put doctors fees up. Or rather to take the caps off doctors fees now at the rate of inflation and let doctors set them to what they like because, errr, well that's what free markets are all about and errr, we thought we should stop sounding like Labour playing in a blue shirt and do something right wing.

Only problem is the logic behind it is shite. Key seemed to think that fees won't go up because well, people will just go "down the road" if their doctor puts their fees up.

What fucking planet do you live in knob, whoops, I mean Key?

Yeah, people will just jump in their ferrarri and nip a few hundred metres down the road to the next GP because they are on every corner of every street of course.

Doctors will put their fees up, call their mate in the next suburb and tell him to do the same. Then they'll have a good laugh about it whilst out waterskiing in the Coromandel with National party MPs in a couple of summers time.

Competition has done wonders for petrol stations hasn't it? Doctors clinics aren't like garden centres where you can take it or leave it. When ya gotta go, ya gotta go. When you need to go somewhere you need to buy petrol and when you need to stop crapping every 30 minutes you need to go to the doctor and get a recommendation. They may well suggest listening to National unveil policy as that would fix it, though I suspect you would be swapping the runs for a bout of constipation which is something John Bracewell would know more about.

Whatever National may assure us if they implemented that policy then in three years time we would have independent studies showing that doctors fees have gone up nationwide at twice the rate of inflation or whatever shitarse amount and when asked about it National will say something vague like "now the fees are inline with what they should have been and for too long NZers have been getting luxuries like cheap medical care". And then they will be asked why less people are going to the doctors and they will say "it's not because they can't afford it its because of the healthy eating policies that we implemented in schools in 2007.... errr....".

And then National can fuck off and we will get 9 more years of Labour cleaning up after them.

Left-wing and proud.


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